Sunday, August 22, 2010

Step- 1: How to start the first conversation?

First conversation with her
All right here we start with the first step on our way to impressing girls and the art of deception and manipulation. Remember that looks here are not important. So incase you have feeling that you are ugly have no fear as girls don’t judge much by looks.

How many times have we hoped to have a chance to talk to the girl of our dreams? But never had the nerve to start the conversation. How many times have we seen a girl daily but other than a passive look we have not been able to earn anything more? So our first step is for those poor souls.

“Ogling at a girl will not do any good, but a well timed and well placed look can make all the difference.”
  • The holding look
    Did you know that best looking, part of your body is your eyes whether you are a gal or a guy. No matter how bad you look, your eyes are as beautiful as you want it to be.

    Yes the first step to get the attention of the particular girl is to make an eye contact. The look should be long enough to differentiate it from a passive glance but at the same time not a stare. As we know Indian girls are very careful in respect to strangers and so any direct advance early will make them go into defensive. Which is the last thing will we would want to do. So let us go into the details of the ‘look’.

    The look should be for about 5-10 seconds (not longer), directly into her eyes. Don’t get panicky if you both make eye contact. Just act cool. Keep the look for maybe 6 seconds then look at someone whom you know or are talking to. Avoid looking down right after the ‘glance‘. You can have the holding look while walking, standing or sitting. But care should be taken that you don’t turn back and stare at her as this is unfriendly. Any time you have to turn your head for more than 90 degrees on any side from looking straight is a reverse glance. This should be avoided. Specially during the first few days. Also it is better to avoid all sorts of facial expressions the first few days. Try this for a week. See if there are any changes in the way she looks at you.
  • The Smile
    After a week you can include a slight smile with your look. As in the case of looks, smile too must be timed. It must not be a grin or a smirk. Just a light happy face first then you can move up as days pass on. Timing should be first you look, then you recognize then smile. Look away after 6 seconds while smiling. But as soon as you have looked away stop smiling. You don’t want to look like an idiot in front of her. This is just showing recognition. This is necessary to break her defense against strangers. You have to properly notice her reaction the first time you give her a smile of yours. If she shows detachment repeat the looks part again.

    Ok, now I hope that you have got the looks and smile in place. I will call the step a success if she too returns your smile. So if you have earned her smile, here comes the third step of our ice breaker.
  • The First Talk
    Oh yes! You will talk to her. Don’t worry, nothing much. You just have to wish her ’Good Morning’ or something of that sort. It is better to avoid hello as it necessarily doesn’t convey anything. But a Good Morning is much better as it sound somewhat official. This again is just a suggestion. . This is to reassure her that you are fine and she need not worry about you or your advances.
  • The Conversation
    If things have been going fine during the above steps, you are ready to go for the kill. The Actual conversation. You can start with a hello, something more informal as compared to the earlier Good Morning stuff. Then move on to something that is happening and interesting. You can say a sentence and then based on her response ask her a question which cannot be answered in a mono syllable. This will help in keeping the conversation moving. But if you think she is not interested in talking, just think that the day is not good. There are many other days which can be utilized. So don't be disheartened.

    During the course of time I have faced some very interesting situation. One is that no matter what you do, the girl will not make an eye contact. One way I approached such girls was I made situations where they had to look at me. Like dropping the kerchief or something like that near her. And asking if she can pick it for you. Then when she looks at you give her one of your killer smiles.

    In case you have any queries or an unique situation, please let me know. I will do my best to provide you with a prompt response...

    Happy dating...


  1. kollam macha... u should have posted it little earlier kunjualiya............ well i will try it this time

  2. I say, hold you nose and go to to find your other half.
    Talk is cheap. Take a bath first, before you utter that first word.
    If you stink, no date.

    1. thank you for share your experience .:P

  3. I'd like to know what else can be said apart from Good Morning or Evening to Indian Women.

    1. start with good morning, hello and greetings like that. that will establish you as a decent guy. then move on to small, hardly noticeable compliments. notice if she is looking low and casually ask"is everything alright? you dont look happy today." dont push it if she doesnt talk but dont feel bad. she will notice you from then on, and if she thinks you are "safe" she will respond the next time you say hello, or tell her she looks good, and so on.

  4. say i wanna sleep with you......or i wanna blow you....

  5. We do usually wish good morning n al wen we meet, coz we meet each other only at the time of work, which is once in a while as its during assignments only. Bt i guess now instead of waiting for the next assignment which i am not sure wen wud it be, i should take a step to talk to her or ask her out through facebook maybe, bt even den i wudnt wnt to sound like desperate or as if i m hitting on her. Just as if its comfortable and a friendly gesture.
    What would you say in this scenario?

  6. What to do if she always with her friends?

  7. just step away and make an eye contact with little smile and say excuse me can u help me out or smething like that knwing what she's interested in

  8. hmm can i know wat can we say after we have started the conversation then both got nothing to say and end up!!!

    1. if u find it difficult to keep the talk alive over call, u should probably try using SMS. It is the most powerful methods that can be used to impress a girl. I will be writing a post on it.

  9. My probl- the girl i like was talking to me in recent months but when I mesagesed on her cell the she became angry n now she is no more talking to me....... Plz help me

    1. Ashwin, I know this is a very late response to your query. Well better late than never. Here the problem seems to be that she is unhappy with the fact you messaged her before actually building on the friendship. I would like to know 2 things before commenting further:
      1. How did you get her number? If she gave it to you fine. Else it was not right from your part that you got her number from some other source.
      2. What was the message you sent her? For the first some messages it is better when you send her unique forwarded messages. Something that maybe funny and unique.
      Well I dont know if you will see this. Anyhow if you do and then respond I will be happy to help.