Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to have a killer telephone conversation with a girl?

As I promised earlier, this is my post about how to have a good conversation over the phone. Since these days most of the relations develop over the telephone, it is important that you are equipped with knowledge on how to talk to her over the phone in the best possible way. So let us get down to business:

  • Identify yourself:
    In case you are calling or texting her  for the first time and she does not have your number, identify yourself the very first time. Never try to play Guess who or secret admirer game. She would feel as if you are stalking her. Calling without identifying yourself is fine only when you both are great friends, which I suppose is not the case here.

  • Respect her Privacy:
    Just because she gave you her number it doesn't mean she has to talk to you all the time. Respect her privacy and give her the needed space.

  • Talk about something interesting:
    Since in the early stages it is difficult to keep the talk alive over call, I prefer texting. I start with unique forwards then some personal messages like Good Night (Name) or Hey (Name)! Wassup etc here and there. With the text messages the best thing is that you don't crawl into her personal space. Get to know her interests then move onto calls when it is convenient for both of you. And choose topics of interests to both.

  • Move onto personal topics:
    Moving to personal and deeper topics is something to be done with at most care but to be done nevertheless. It is like, you approach indirectly first, then based on her reactions change to a more direct approach. Suppose you need to know her views about love, relationship etc. You can first say, "I had a terrible day. One of my very good friends is left with a broken heart." Then make a story. Tell it convincingly. Then, "What crap yaar, why all the tension? Right?". You can also say, "There was a time when I was hoping for a girlfriend, but now, it is better not to have one." The best thing about this is that she may get the subtle hints of flirting she cannot accuse you of anything as you have said everything indirectly. Parents, siblings, relationships are good way of starting up with personal talk.

  • Give her sound advice:
    If you are able to make a good rapport with her, then it is highly likely that she will for advice with one thing or the other. At those times you need to talk from her point of view and then give a sound advice. It should be something that you may do under similar circumstances, something you can defend.

  • Whisper
    Sometimes if the calls stretch to late night calls. Reduce your voice to a whisper. Say it is because there is someone there at your place or some other reason. She might ask you to keep the phone then. You can say, "No, it is OK. I want to talk, provided you are not feeling sleepy." This acts as if you both are sharing a secret which helps in deepening the relationship.

  • Keep the Phone:
    In case you are feeling sleepy or you feel she is, keep the phone after wishing her for the night. In case she slept off while on call, cut the call and DON'T call or text right then. The next day is OK. Also if she cuts the call without saying anything, don't call her right then. She may have reasons to cut the call and she may not want your calls at that time.

  • Don't always call her:
    It is not important that it should be you whos is calling all the time. She will call you when she misses  you. How to make her miss you? That is what I talked over throughout the blog.
So thats all for time being and take care. Happy Dating

Fast Dates? Myths Busted

Hey Guys! long time, right? Was working my ass off at office. Well, It is over with. Thought it would never. Anyways, recently a friend of mine asked me a way to speed up the process of impression as the methods I listed are time consuming and slow. Also it cannot be used at restaurants, coffee shops, clubs etc where you see a girl probably for the first time and you don't have all the time in the world to go about with the steps of my suggestions. Well, it is true to certain extend so as to speak. But in order to impress a girl under these circumstances you need one or more of the following:

  • Amazing Looks or/ and Lots and Lots of Money
  • A really open minded girl
  • Pure luck or in other words a chance
I don't need to explain the first point as it is self explanatory. Well regarding the second point, by really open minded girl, I meant someone who doesn't perceive you as a potential threat but rather a potential friend or someone who is interested in her. You can probably identify them if you observe them for sometime. I will write another post on how to identify such girls. But in case you aim of impressing a girl whom you will see just for 5-10 minutes once and maybe never again, then I am sorry to burst your bubble but I don't think these posts can give you a step by step process until and unless, you are Brad Pitt, Hrithik Roshan or someone of that sort. In case you are one of them, all you have to do is to... SMILE.

No matter where you are, there are some instances of pure luck when something happens such that you both get a chance to talk, like common friends, she or her friend accidentally drops Coke, coffee or something of that sort on YOU(Ooh... I seriously doubt you will have time to talk cause you will be busy with cleaning yourself). But whatever, in case you are given with a chance, capitalise it.

So what I mean to say is that there is no step by step guide to impress a woman under these circumstances but the best way is to approach directly. You need to have the balls...(without it, what is the use of the Girl anyways? ;-)) Go talk to her and tell her that you are interested in knowing her. Don't say friendship or something of that sort. Just think nothing worse can happen (provided she doesn't have any guys with her). Probably she will say no, but does that make a difference? There is nothing to lose. But a lot to gain. So just think.

So that is all for this post. Happy Dating...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Step- 2: How to talk to girls

Alright it has been sometime since I posted anything here. It is just that I have been a bit busy with something. But I have been keeping myself posted with the blog. So I guess it is time for the next step of our art of deception and manipulation of Indian women.

In order for me to go ahead with this step it is important that you have mastered the Step- 1. So let us move on.

Now since you have started having a conversation with the particular girl, it is time to earn her friendship. She might be a bit skeptical at first but with your straight forward attitude she will have her defenses down a bit. You need to utilize it. So the first question that might come to your mind is what to talk about? Well, how the hell should I know? I am not a mind reader. You need to find out yourselves. But I can guide you over the basic aspects that need to be there in the conversation to keep it going and also develop a more in depth relationship with her. Though at first you might not get much chance to talk to her properly, these guidelines will be helpful whenever you do develop the chance.

 The basic points you have to keep in mind are:

1.    Listen:
I guess you have heard this many times before but it still remains the same; you need to listen to her. Listening means paying attention to her and also as to what she is talking. No matter what the subject is, you need to listen. If possible contribute something to the conversation, it helps. But remember if it is a topic which she knows a lot about and you on the other hand are as dumb as a twig about it, it is better to act as someone who doesn’t know about it but at the same time is interested in understanding it. If you listen properly you can ask some genuine doubts. This interest of yours will have an effect on her which will work in your favour.

2.    Talk:
Though it is good to let the girl do the most of the talking if you remain silent throughout then she might feel that you are not interested in talking or sometimes in other words, you are boring. So you need to talk. You don’t have to be a chatter box but whatever you say should be relevant to the topic you both are talking. As I suggested earlier, genuine doubts are good. It is also important that on certain days you lead the talk. I am sure there will be topics of which you know a lot about and which is of interest to her too. You just need to find it. The initial days are for that. Also keep in mind avoid abusive language and swearing as Indian girls resent it, at least in the early days. It is important that you treat her with respect.

3.    The Voice and Sound modulation:
Your voice should beam confidence and should make her feel her that you are happy to talk to her. Always talk clear with proper voice modulations and style. Each of us has a style. You just need to develop it. It is good that you have some bass to your sound as most girls find it appealing and sexy.

4.    Disagreements:
If there is something you don’t agree with don’t go all out against her with the disagreement. Just tell her what you disagree with. You need to back your views with valid reasons and justifications. At no point should you raise your voice to make the point. Though it is not a debate, in case of disagreements it is always better to treat it in a scholastic way.

5.    Talking over the phone:
If possible get her mobile number. Though there are many ways to make her give the number, I choose to ask. It is just that you need to know when it is fine to ask her without invoking her fears. Also when you get her number make sure she has yours too. So it is important that you don’t actually call her right after you get the number. Text her some forward about friendship for a few days. But again try to be as new as possible. Don’t send her the same message which you have received countless times before. Invest sometime to find some new messages in the internet. Then you may give her a call sometime. Keep the call short and during normal hours. I will write another posts about talking over the phone as I guess in today’s world most of the relations develop over the phone. So it is something to be given thought to.

6.    Sharing talents and hobbies:
There is no body without any talent. I am sure you might have some thing that will fascinate her. Maybe you are good at drawing or singing or dancing or something else. If nothing then maybe you are good with relationship advices. No matter what, you are good at something than others. Identify it and use it. Ask her about her hobbies, if she says reading and you happen to share the same hobby then ask her what sort of books, her favourite author etc. Talk about various authors without making her feel, that you are a nerd. If that is not one of your hobbies tell her how much you appreciate someone who has good reading habits. Make her feel that you too want to have a good reading habit or something of that sort. This will help in developing your budding friendship and it will also help you identifying traits, characters, interests of her which will be very much needed in the future.

7.    Sense of humour:
You need to have a good sense of humour. By sense of humour I mean where you humorous without harming others feelings and also being able to accept the times when you are being made fun of without any resentment. You don’t always have to crack jokes and act funny but based on the circumstances you should be at times. I can write pages and pages but can never fully explain how to have a good sense of humour.

8.    Compliment her:
Last but not the least, you need to compliment her. But here again, I didn’t mean flattery. It means a genuine compliment. Also I didn’t mean her physical self. Try to really see what the good characters in her are. Get examples of those. When you really feel that she deserves it, lavish it upon her. But never ever over do it. Tell her something which herself might know. But it is always good to hear from someone else.

Already the post has become too long. But it’s just that I have so much to say over all these things, maybe I will write more posts elaborating each step some time. But guess for the time being this will do.
So bye for now and happy dating…

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What are the physical requirements girls value?

Well, as a matter of fact it is one of the most difficult questions in the world. It is basically asking what girls want. And as in the case of the latter the former too does not have a straight answer. I have been saying the girls don’t give much importance to looks. But then again there are certain things which are important for them too which are related to our physical self and personality. I will jot down some from my personal experience:

· Height:
How I hate to say this. But the truth is most of the girls give lot of importance to height.  If a girl is above average height for girls then she will most probably want someone who is of good height, in the range of 5’10 to over 6. But for the normal, average girls they need their guy to be just taller than them. I haven’t seen any girl so far whose dream guy should be shorter than her. Well it is true that they too can fall for someone who is shorter. But it just happens and not their dream. So when you live up to the dream it helps. But you just don’t need to worry about anything. My height is just 5’4 and so far I can honestly say that I have been successful with girls. But there has been one bad experience which taught me, that in some cases looks do matter. So I would suggest that you guys try looking for girls who are within your height range.

· Dressing and style:
You should have a style of dressing. I am not saying that you should wear only branded stuff though it helps sometimes, at the end of the day what matters the most is whether she feels that you are something she can show to the world. Always keep that in your mind. You can’t blame her for that because we guys too are in no way better. No matter what you wear, wear it with a sense of confidence and style. I will not lecture you over style because different guys have different styles. You just need to identify it and use it. You can use the net to find answers to your style queries. Well, also whatever you wear it should be properly washed and ironed. This gives them the feeling that you are someone to be valued and respected.

· Hygiene:
Well guess it goes without saying, but I jotted this point here because some of us don’t actually give importance to hygiene the way they should. Maybe you take bath daily and all the routines but sometimes if you have body odour it will spoil everything. Also not just body your mouth too can be a great source of your embarrassment. So take special care against this.

· Face:
Girls love to look at your face and also into your eyes. So make sure they look their best. If you have blemishes and marks if possible get rid of it. But even if you have marks which will not go easily don’t worry. You just need to make them like it. Maybe the mark has some history associated with it. You can share it. If it has no interesting origins then behave as if the mark is a reminder of something important in your life. Don’t ever show as if you are embarrassed of the mark. If it is there, then maybe it will some day become your trademark. So just don’t worry about anything. Also girls have a feeling that your eyes tell a lot about you, so it will help if your eyes are pleasing to look at. So what is the best way to keep your eyes pleasing to look at? Just wash your eyes in cold water whenever you feel tired. Take proper rest and sleep well. Blood shot eyes are not that pleasing to most girls. So take care.

· Hair and Nails:
No matter what sort of look you are aiming for, your hair should convey a feeling of well being and good health. Even unkempt look has a sort of cleanliness and vibrancy to it. If you are very young and balding then it is better to change your hair style in order to avoid revealing that the forces of nature at work against you. But in case you don’t want to hide away and feel this is part of you, then make the others believe it too. In case of nails, nothing much is to be said. Keep them clean and short. No, you cannot grow them long because you are not a girl. So until and unless you are looking to be in the Guinness Book of Records for longest nails, cut them short.

So I guess that’s just about it. Incase I find that I left out something then will add it soon. In case you feel that I left out something then please let me know.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Step- 1: How to start the first conversation?

All right here we start with the first step on our way to impressing girls and the art of deception and manipulation. Remember that looks here are not important. So incase you have feeling that you are ugly have no fear as girls don’t judge much by looks.

How many times have we hoped to have a chance to talk to the girl of our dreams? But never had the nerve to start the conversation. How many times have we seen a girl daily but other than a passive look we have not been able to earn anything more? So our first step is for those poor souls.

“Ogling at a girl will not do any good, but a well timed and well placed look can make all the difference.”
  • The holding look
    Did you know that best looking, part of your body is your eyes whether you are a gal or a guy. No matter how bad you look, your eyes are as beautiful as you want it to be.

    Yes the first step to get the attention of the particular girl is to make an eye contact. The look should be long enough to differentiate it from a passive glance but at the same time not a stare. As we know Indian girls are very careful in respect to strangers and so any direct advance early will make them go into defensive. Which is the last thing will we would want to do. So let us go into the details of the ‘look’.

    The look should be for about 5-10 seconds (not longer), directly into her eyes. Don’t get panicky if you both make eye contact. Just act cool. Keep the look for maybe 6 seconds then look at someone whom you know or are talking to. Avoid looking down right after the ‘glance‘. You can have the holding look while walking, standing or sitting. But care should be taken that you don’t turn back and stare at her as this is unfriendly. Any time you have to turn your head for more than 90 degrees on any side from looking straight is a reverse glance. This should be avoided. Specially during the first few days. Also it is better to avoid all sorts of facial expressions the first few days. Try this for a week. See if there are any changes in the way she looks at you.
  • The Smile
    After a week you can include a slight smile with your look. As in the case of looks, smile too must be timed. It must not be a grin or a smirk. Just a light happy face first then you can move up as days pass on. Timing should be first you look, then you recognize then smile. Look away after 6 seconds while smiling. But as soon as you have looked away stop smiling. You don’t want to look like an idiot in front of her. This is just showing recognition. This is necessary to break her defense against strangers. You have to properly notice her reaction the first time you give her a smile of yours. If she shows detachment repeat the looks part again.

    Ok, now I hope that you have got the looks and smile in place. I will call the step a success if she too returns your smile. So if you have earned her smile, here comes the third step of our ice breaker.
  • The First Talk
    Oh yes! You will talk to her. Don’t worry, nothing much. You just have to wish her ’Good Morning’ or something of that sort. It is better to avoid hello as it necessarily doesn’t convey anything. But a Good Morning is much better as it sound somewhat official. This again is just a suggestion. . This is to reassure her that you are fine and she need not worry about you or your advances.
  • The Conversation
    If things have been going fine during the above steps, you are ready to go for the kill. The Actual conversation. You can start with a hello, something more informal as compared to the earlier Good Morning stuff. Then move on to something that is happening and interesting. You can say a sentence and then based on her response ask her a question which cannot be answered in a mono syllable. This will help in keeping the conversation moving. But if you think she is not interested in talking, just think that the day is not good. There are many other days which can be utilized. So don't be disheartened.

    During the course of time I have faced some very interesting situation. One is that no matter what you do, the girl will not make an eye contact. One way I approached such girls was I made situations where they had to look at me. Like dropping the kerchief or something like that near her. And asking if she can pick it for you. Then when she looks at you give her one of your killer smiles.

    In case you have any queries or an unique situation, please let me know. I will do my best to provide you with a prompt response...

    Happy dating...


How to impress a girl? Only very few in this world will be there who have not thought of it again and again. If you do a 'Google' search you will find loads and loads of sites dealing with the topic of impressing girls. But most of them deal with dating, parties and stuff which are not much prevalent in India. So one needs to find methods which are necessarily Indian. Again the steps mentioned in those sites are not the best for Indian women. Though there is no hard and fast rule as each girl is different. They have their individuality and identity leading to specific traits but there are certain common traits which we can exploit.

This is where this blog can help you. Here you will have step by step procedure on how you can proceed with impressing your dream girl. There will be posts from ice- breaking to love making. But this blog does not stress upon finding true love. This is mainly dedicated to go in step by step process over the ways to achieve the objective. This is for those guys who are branded as uninteresting and who have been so far doomed to live a life without the colours of a love life. It will also be useful for those poor souls who are doomed to remain a a great 'friend' for ever. You can change it. You can change yourself and your life if you set your mind to it. You can push the bar higher, what about dating multiple girls at the same time? Interested? Of course you can do that. The only thing you require is trust in yourself and confidence. You can be a 'Casanova'. The best lover in the world. (Alright I exaggerated, this time). But jokes apart you are an asset and methods listed here and to develop you as a whole rather than just explaining how to 'get laid'. 

Even if you are looking for a long term and true relation, the methods listed here might help you get an additional advantage. There is manipulation and deception here but as you know anything is fair in love and war. And this my dear is love if not war.

But there is a warning. Though you can have multiple relations at the same time. It is strongly adviced that you take special care to maintain privacy of each relation from the other. Also more than four relations same time is also not adviced as each relation requires your time.

The steps I will be explaining here are based on my personal experience and of my near and dear ones. So I am not guaranteeing anything but these steps have been tried and tested and the discretion is yours.

But incase you have chosen to follow the steps outlined in here. My advice would be to do it sincerely and not cheat in it. There is no scope for half hearted interest. You will need to put your 100% to it. I have done my best to post methods which does not clash with ones daily activities but incase of clash I again advice you for your sound decisions. So that is all for now... Happy dating
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