Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to have a killer telephone conversation with a girl?

Talking to a girl on the phone
As I promised earlier, this is my post about how to have a good conversation over the phone. Since these days most of the relations develop over the telephone, it is important that you are equipped with knowledge on how to talk to her over the phone in the best possible way. So let us get down to business:

  • Identify yourself:
    In case you are calling or texting her  for the first time and she does not have your number, identify yourself the very first time. Never try to play Guess who or secret admirer game. She would feel as if you are stalking her. Calling without identifying yourself is fine only when you both are great friends, which I suppose is not the case here.

  • Respect her Privacy:
    Just because she gave you her number it doesn't mean she has to talk to you all the time. Respect her privacy and give her the needed space.

  • Talk about something interesting:
    Since in the early stages it is difficult to keep the talk alive over call, I prefer texting. I start with unique forwards then some personal messages like Good Night (Name) or Hey (Name)! Wassup etc here and there. With the text messages the best thing is that you don't crawl into her personal space. Get to know her interests then move onto calls when it is convenient for both of you. And choose topics of interests to both.

  • Move onto personal topics:
    Moving to personal and deeper topics is something to be done with at most care but to be done nevertheless. It is like, you approach indirectly first, then based on her reactions change to a more direct approach. Suppose you need to know her views about love, relationship etc. You can first say, "I had a terrible day. One of my very good friends is left with a broken heart." Then make a story. Tell it convincingly. Then, "What crap yaar, why all the tension? Right?". You can also say, "There was a time when I was hoping for a girlfriend, but now, it is better not to have one." The best thing about this is that she may get the subtle hints of flirting she cannot accuse you of anything as you have said everything indirectly. Parents, siblings, relationships are good way of starting up with personal talk.

  • Give her sound advice:
    If you are able to make a good rapport with her, then it is highly likely that she will for advice with one thing or the other. At those times you need to talk from her point of view and then give a sound advice. It should be something that you may do under similar circumstances, something you can defend.

  • Whisper
    Sometimes if the calls stretch to late night calls. Reduce your voice to a whisper. Say it is because there is someone there at your place or some other reason. She might ask you to keep the phone then. You can say, "No, it is OK. I want to talk, provided you are not feeling sleepy." This acts as if you both are sharing a secret which helps in deepening the relationship.

  • Keep the Phone:
    In case you are feeling sleepy or you feel she is, keep the phone after wishing her for the night. In case she slept off while on call, cut the call and DON'T call or text right then. The next day is OK. Also if she cuts the call without saying anything, don't call her right then. She may have reasons to cut the call and she may not want your calls at that time.

  • Don't always call her:
    It is not important that it should be you whos is calling all the time. She will call you when she misses  you. How to make her miss you? That is what I talked over throughout the blog.
So thats all for time being and take care. Happy Dating


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  6. I guess boys should also avoid monotony and "parasites" while conversation) nevertheless, if a girl likes u - nothing will prevent her from long telephone speech)

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  9. I have also found that going for a laugh right off the bat is a nice start, it seems to break the tension right away.

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